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So why the name The Travelling Nut?

What does The Travelling Nut mean?

The Travelling Nut is not just a name, it has multiple functions.

One of them is to express what I find important and who I would like to reach.

Another one is that it has become a real character that can help products that find it hard to tell their own wonderful stories

The Travelling Nut as an expression.

The Travelling Nut can literally mean someone that loves to travel.

For me travelling is important because it expresses the things I find important in life; being curious, being open minded, discovering new flavours and cultures and in a way understanding the world a bit better.

It also makes you realise that the journey itself is more important than the destination.

The Travelling Nut as a character

With the story of The Travelling Nut, the character is born. This story expresses the importance of living in balance with mother nature, the importance of the growing conditions to find the best ingredients, so there is no need to use any kinds of additives.

Because we are only working with producers that share these value’s but are not always able to tell their own story, because of their packaging design for instance, being part of The Travelling Nut can help them to do so.

The story of The Travelling Nut

The palm tree has found an amazing way to survive and reproduce itself; as its fruit, the coconut, is built to travel. Taken by the currents of the sea, it will travel the world and wherever faith takes it, a new palm tree can grow, and life begins.

Not just a new life for the palm tree but also opportunities for us as a human species. We can build houses from the trunks and leaf’s, make rope out of the bark to weave clothes or catch fish and of course eat and drink the fruit.

The beauty in all of this; nature has arranged everything for us, it has a system, where when in balance, absolute symbiosis can occur. The only thing we need to give back in exchange for being blissfully rewarded with an amazing variety of delicious fruits and vegetables is to spread those same nuts and seeds, so her legacy carries on.