When the conditions are perfect, fruit can develop it self optimally; which means it gets fully packed with nutrients and flavour, so the need of additives gets redundant.

This basically means that you just have to look better to find the area’s where the ingredients can grow the very  best to get the best ingredients and that is what we like to do, or our partners  have done.

So whenever we find like-minded companies that, either produce or import these high quality ingredients, the next task is to find a way to preserve its quality and flavour without adding any kind of preservatives.

By finding smart sustainable packaging solutions we now can enjoy these flavours in a conscious way like if we where at the place of origin.

The products that we have in our selection resembles more than just the product it self; we work together with amazing people that are passionate and proud of their product but next to that we also share common interests like food, music, art or certain philosophy’s and we are sharing these products with like minded people so we can create this collective of kindred spirits and together bring a bit more colour in peoples life.

You can find an overview of our partners at this page and more information about the products at our webshop where you also can buy without leaving your comfy home.