Penyllan Brewing – Roxy Bourbon 2015, Old Ale aged in Bourbon Barrels 12%, Bottle 75cl

20.50 inc. BTW

ABV: 12%   |   Release Date: Aug 2019  |   Vintage: 2015

Roxy is based on our old ale, Natalie, that was kept an extra year on its bourbon barrels. Before packaging we carefully blended in a soured barleywine we keep in red wine barrels for extra complexity and a touch of balancing acidity

Dark tan head on an ebony body with chestnut highlights. Hits the nose with an immediate punch of sunbaked leather and toasted wood, followed by bourbon and macerated raisins. The flavor is at first drying but with the warming alcohol and complex flavors of cocoa, caramelized figs, overripe blackberry, and walnut skin leads to a light tart finish dominated by oak and yeast-derived flavors.

No of Bottles: 1469   |   Packaging: 750ml champagne bottle



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