Penyllan Brewing(DK) – Angela 2015, Red Ale with Blackberries 7%, Bottle 75cl

18.00 inc. BTW

ABV: 7%   |   Release Date: May 2019  |   Vintage: 2015

Every autumn the forests around our brewery are bursting with small wild blackberries. We spent some days with friends picking them for a beautiful tart red ale that had been aging in red wine barrels since 2015.

The result is Angela, a chestnut colored ale with a cream head. Aromas of prune, vanilla and toffee dominate, followed by the flavor of ripe blackberries, pepper, caramel, red wine, and toasty malts. Medium-bodied with a juicy, tart finish and hints of aged balsamic.


No of Bottles: 1270   |   Packaging: 750ml champagne bottle

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