Penyllan Brewing – All Ladies On Board Box 8x75cl Bottle (1 p/person)

215.00 inc. BTW

Box of 8 Ladies from the wonderful Penyllan Brewery from the small Danish island of Bornholm in the middle of the Baltic Sea.

Creating Penyllan Beers

Our beers are brewed by hand in 1000 liter batches and depending on the recipe, either fermented with our house culture “Garden Party” or fermented with an ale yeast before being inoculated with Garden Party in the barrel.

Over the span of some years, Garden Party will work its magic and slowly take the beer into the direction we want. Some barrels ends up exactly as we imagined, while others need to be blended to obtain perfect balance. Sometimes we blend in an older vintage to get acidity and complexity, and sometimes we blend in fresher beer to balance and smooth out flavours.

We will often add fruit to the beer at some point in the process. This is not because we are looking for the beer to actually taste of fruit. What we are looking for are the uniquely complex flavours that come from the fruit being transformed by the micro organisms by the mysterious process of bio-transformation.

After the beer is matured and blended it is bottled with a little fresh yeast and a bit of sugar allowing it to undergo a third fermentation in the bottle. This bottle conditioning process is very important to the finished product because it keeps the beer alive, which will allow it to mature and develop for years.

1x LAURA 2016 • Tart Pale Ale brewed with Hay and Juniper
1x CAROLYN 2017 • Tart Fouder ale
1x EARTHA  2015  • Stock Ale with Sour Cherries aged in Chianti Foudre
1x TERRY 2015 • Sour Ale Macerated with Wild Raspberries
1x ROXY 2015 Bourbon • Old Ale aged in Bourbon Barrels
1x ANGELA 2015 • Red Ale with Blackberries
1x FREYA 2015  • Stock Ale aged in Cognac Cask
1x NINA 2015 • Cuvée Amber Ale


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