Herslev Bryghus(DK) – Birch, 1x50cl

5.00 4.00 inc. BTW

Birk (Birch)

Birch is our summer beer, and we grind and entire birch tree from the nearby woods in the brewing process: Bark, catkins, leaves, wood and juice. It’s a light beer with a spicy freshness and interesting notes of bitterness from combination of hops and wood.

We’ve brewed it with Abby Ale yeast: A Belgian yeast type typically used for dark brews with high alcohol levels — for instance, we use Abby Ale in our Star Brew. This is because Abby Ale works beautifully with deep maltiness, but our Birch is different. In Birch, the yeast is countered by spicy wood aromas, with a hint of pepper from leaves. It’s a seasonal beer with the scents and aromas of summer, rounded by the mild bitterness of hops.

IBU 18
ABV 5,5%


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