With The Travelling Nut we import and distribute a selection of products that we love and want to share with other like minded people and places.

We have chosen these brands not only for their amazing products but foremost because of the people behind them, our shared values and ideas about  focussing on the ingredients, producing under social and eco friendly conditions, operating  independently as a business and other shared passions like eating delicious food, listening to great music or a shared love for art.

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Fountain of Youth – 100% natural coconut water 

Fountain of Youth is a product created and imported by the Michelberger Hotel collective from Berlin.  As they fell in love with the taste of it, while sipping from a fresh young green coconut, lying in a hammock on a beach under the blue sky and experience the feeling of total freedom, they knew they wanted to share this wonderful drink with their friends and guest from the hotel.
So after a long quest of searching for the best nuts, they found a medium seized plantation in a small region in the southern part of Thailand that were able to convince them of the best quality of nuts  produced under social and eco-friendly compatible conditions.

When the nuts are fully ripen, so when they have had the most hours of sun and were able to get fully packed with flavour and nutrients like electrolytes,  they get harvested, opened and checked by hand for its quality, and than gently filtered. After the liquid is shortly heated, up to 73 degrees so all the bad bacteria will get killed, the cans are filled on the plantation and the oxygen will be removed so there is no need for any kind of preservative like extra added sugar or an acid like ascorbic acid or citric acid.

This all happens on the same day of harvesting for the most fresh and vital product for us to enjoy.

Learn more about Fountain of Youth and why they have chosen for cans as their packaging at website or have a look at their blog so you are able to see what is going on with the Monkey Family  in the other countries where FoY can be enjoyed.

Brand Garage – Herbal Moscow, Oriental Mama, Lemon Mama, Orange Mama, Passion Mama 

Brand Garage is an independent producer of all natural lemonades based in Hamburg. They’re on a quest to create new drinks that are completely natural and made out of the best available ingredients as possible.

Instead of relying on chemicals they resort purely to  100% natural ingredients. Orange and grapefruit peel, for instance are used to get the natural pectine, oil essence and vitamin c instead of the artificial counterparts to deliver that pure and natural taste.

It all started in 2014 when Hesam Montazar released its first product, Herbal Moscow Fermented Ginger. After working for many years in the industry, creating beverages for big companies, he was kind of fed up with the fact that every time he came up with something beautiful, he had to adjust because it was all to expensive. So he decided that it was time to do it the other way around, creating a product and than see what it will cost.

Being a big fan of the long drink Moscow Mule, he wanted to create the perfect mixer for it that was also delicious to drink as a lemonade and the Herbal Moscow was born. Real ginger root gets fermented for 2 weeks and than lime-, lemon- and cucumber juice is added and some botanicals like spruss needle for a fresh taste and floral nose, a perfect compagnon for a Moscow Mule or London Buck.

3 years later another mixer was added, the Oriental Mama Rose Lemonade, and three bio lemonades in the flavours Lemon, Orange and Passion Fruit and who knows what will come over the next period of time, one thing is clear, the quality will always be good since they won’t make any concessions.

Just added to the family are 8 new flavours in glass bottles, perfect for gastronomy.

Find more information about the drinks at their website

BioZisch by Voelkel – Blood Orange, Cloudy Lemon, Elderflower, Matcha, Mate, Rhubarb

BioZisch is the lemonade range from Voelkel Juice company. This family run enterprise is producing organic and bio dynamic juices for more than 80 years and is creating wonderful lemonades under the name BioZisch for over 20 years now.

With more than 180 different kinds of products you could say they are a bit obsessed with flavours and that is off course a very good thing.

They receive Demeter quality ingredients from all over the world, where the conditions are best and produce fruit or vegetable juices out of it for either their juice line or for the BioZisch lemonades. They have their own water well, which is organically certified and instead of using sugar they use grape-juice concentrate and agave syrup as natural sweeteners. Besides that the production plant is operating on green energy.

We selected our favourite flavours like the Blood Orange, Cloudy Lemon, Elderflower, Matcha, Mate and Rhubarb.

Find out more about the BioZisch lemonades and the company Voelkel.

Dry & Bitter Brewing Company

In early 2015, Dry & Bitter Brewing Company opened its doors for the first time. Our ambition was always to brew super fresh IPAs and this has been our main focus since our opening. Our flagships within this range now consist of the Bale Ale series, Hobo Chic, Dank & Juicy, Fat & Fruity, Disobedience.

As part of our creative adventure we also embarked on an ambitious sour barrel aging adventure which now counts more than 50 barrels. These are all different beers that will patiently be aged until ready for blending and eventually bottling and conditioning. These beers will be released in our “Limited Release” series.

Recently we have started bottling our core line-up of beers and throughout the following year more and more of our beers will be available across Europe in bottles.

Find more about the beers on Dry & Bitter Brewing Company

We are a small sustainable brewery with a passion for fermentation techniques. We work solely with wild and mixed fermentation cultures, which results in dry, refreshing, and complex beers.

We age more than half our beers in wooden barrels, because they are the best vessel for our microorganisms. Yeasts and bacteria that are lingering in the wood (from previous beers) react with the microbes in our beer to form new flavours. This also happens when tiny amounts of oxygen seep through the wood and form chemical reactions of their own with the microbes. If there is Brettanomyces in the beer, it will eat the sugars naturally present in wood and excrete a wide range of aroma’s in return. Any lingering taste of previous liquids in the barrel (e.g. wine, whisky, port, sherry) can rub off on the beer for even more depth. Finally, the type of wood used for the barrel can lend subtle notes like vanilla, while tannins give varying degrees of bitterness. Simply put: barrel aging gives our beer more character.

Find more information on their website. 

Frederiksdal becoming a winery happened almost by accident. Estate owner Harald Krabbe had 24 hectares of Stevnsbær cherries, which were sold to the juice industry.

One day Harald received a visit from chef Jan Friis-Mikkelsen and journalist Morten Brink Iwersen, who had heard of the excellent cherries of the region – and who had vast knowledge of wine production.

This was to become a crucial meeting.The three men made a decision. In the future, the excellent cherries were to be refined at Frederiksdal. Harald Krabbe set out to learn more about wine production by visiting some of the very best winemakers in Europe.

Together, the three men have developed new methods for production of cherry wine, which many wine reviewers have hailed as a breakthrough for Danish wine production.
And today there is a total of 44 hectares of Stevnsbær cherries at Frederiksdal.

The location of Frederiksdal on Lolland’s western most tip, right next to the Langeland Strait, is ideal for cherry production.The climate is perfect. The sun is reflected in the sea. Winter is mild and spring comes early. This all contributes to a long growing season, resulting in great the taste and complexity of the cherries.Only the small, black Danish Stevnsbær cherry, referred to by fruit experts as the Nordic grape, is used in the wine production.

The berries themselves are not suitable for eating, but they are, in turn, excellent for wine production. Stevnsbær cherries are found in several parts of Northern Europe, but the Danish berries are the very best.

Find more about the cherry wines from Frederiksdal Kirsebaervin.

Together with Gerald and the Professor we uncovered these two ancient German recipes deep down in the catacombs of their 140 year old distillery.
We don’t know if it was created for an ancient king or princess, or a magic potion mixed by a herbalist. What we do know is that for some, drinking it feels like sitting in a time machine while others are transported into the middle of a fairy tale and your grandmother would probably see it falling straight out of heaven or hell.

One clear, fresh and bracing, like soaring through the mountain air and the other dark, mysterious, warming, and mellow, like padding through the rustling leaves of a forest. Think of something beautiful, drink it.

Find more about the liqueur Michelberger’s Forest and the spirit Michelberger’s Mountain at Michelberger Booze.


No name. Just taste 

The goal of this project is to take a stand against the visual pollution to which people in urban environments are constantly subjected. Today our cities are overflowing with advertising messages. Since most mass produced products only slightly vary in terms of content, artificial brand images have been constructed in order to make products appear unique.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to get through to the information-overloaded consumers of today. And how does the marketing world respond to this problem? By pumping consumers full of even more advertising!

Our approach: forget all the glitz, gold-rimmed promises and concentrate on that which matters most – the product itself! It is for this reason that our products have neither a name nor a logo. The layout is as basic as possible. Our products promise nothing more than the delivery of their contents: BIER and COLA.

It all started with BIER, our first product, in 2009. The recipe was developed through extensive test and tasting rounds with friends, customers and brewers.
The result: a classic, straight-forward “Helles” which delivers exactly what its label promises. The taste is full-bodied (without being too dominant); the malt character provides different nuances depending on serving temperature. BIER is brewed and bottled in family-owned and operated Brauhaus Einsiedel in Chemnitz, Saxonia.

Is it possible to enter a new chapter in the 130 year-old story of COLA? Absolutely – if the taste is right! Our interpretation of the classic COLA was developed together with friends, customers and COLA lovers in 2015.

COLA is a cooperation with the initiative “Mein Grundeinkommen” whose aim is to make unconditional basic income a reality in Germany. With every bottle of COLA sold we are able to finance 26 seconds of a basic income.

With 25 mg of natural caffeine per 100 ml und real cola nut extract, COLA wakes you up. It tastes soft, fruity and refreshing – rounded out with a lime spritz. We use water from a carefully selected spring to help carry the taste. COLA will not make you thin – but happy.

You can find more information on their website.

Ingwerer is a handmade spicy ginger liqueur with 24% abv,  locally produced in the Bern Lorraine area, made from organic ginger, apple juice, sugar and spices. Each bottle contains 90 grams of ginger, when shaken its flavour intensifies. Enjoy it chilled, as a shot,  in a cocktail or add a dash to a beer or a glass of sparkling wine.

You can find more information on their website

Herslev Bryghus (DK) 

Herslev Bryghus is a Danish organic Farm Brewery from the island of Sealand near by Roskilde.

They brew amazing beers from the crops from their own organic fields and co-operate locally to upcycle the by-products of brewing.
Caring for our soil gives us the best ingredients to brew beers the way we prefer, rich in nuance, flavour and love.

Visit their website for more information.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor taunusquelle logo

Naturalness and uniqueness are our priority.

For more than 20 years, Bad Camberger Taunusquelle has been produced in the unspoiled nature of the Taunus highlands and bottled in the OberSelters mineral springs in Bad Camberger-Oberselters.
Deep down in the rocks, the mineral water is protected against pollution and develops its specific taste by mineralization.

The crystal facet bottle goes perfectly with every lunch or dinner and, of course, with the wine.

Longstanding customer relationships with leading national and international restaurateurs and hoteliers are the result of our consistent brand management and reflect our ever-increasing success.

Our reusable packaging is environmentally sustainable and conserves the natural resources for the present and the future.