We love to travel because it gives us an opportunity to get a better understanding of other cultures and their customs, but also discovering new flavors of all sorts. And what makes it easier to do so, than sharing a drink with the locals.

In that sense the journey is definitely more important than the destination, it’s what you’re able to gather on the way and that is what translates pretty well in what we hope to establish with The Travelling Nut.

We would love to inspire people and get them more curious and engaged with what they drink.

Curiosity for us means that you are not afraid of trying out new things, because that is the most fun part of it, and yeah you will try things that you don’t like but that is just as important information than knowing what you do like, and the reward is that you might discover your favorite drink in the world.

Engagement for us means that  you will get your self better informed about how things are produced,  what choices producers have and what differences it makes when for instance big investments companies taking over brands.

We believe that by being curious and engaged you will form your own pallet based on taste and self gained information instead of the marketing power of big brands and that is really valuable since than we all give small producers a better change and we are being rewarded with higher quality products that have less impact on our planet.