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Yes we do indeed.

That is our main business after all, sharing our favorite drinks with wonderful people and their lovely places.

Our partners vary from restaurants to clubs, from yoga studio’s to offices and everything in between,  if you like our drinks and philosophy, we should definitely meet up!

Just drop us a line at or give us a call at +31611 645 695 so we can make an appointment.



In order for us to process and send your order, you can pay for it at the check out  section with either IDEAL, Paypal or credit card.

Just as easy like that!

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When your order does not arrive as it should be, a damaged box or broken products, please make a picture and contact us at

We will replace the broken product(s) or if you want to return the whole package, we will offer a 100% refund when you can show us the broken package.

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We’d like to work transparently and offer you the best prices as possible, however their always will be the cost of delivering our products to you,
so you don’t have to leave your comfy home.

And to make sure they will arrive in one piece we have special boxes to protect them.

To cover this all,  we need to charge a fee of  €10 for orders under €75. Orders that exceed that amount will be free of delivery costs.

Orders to Belgium are €15 and free of delivery costs above €80.


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This  is unfortunately a big misconception, as the opposite is the case.

There are a few types of cans;  you have the aluminum can (Brand Garage) , which is probably used the most and there is also the tin-plated can(Fountain of Youth) .

A can protect the inside the best agains oxygen and light; oxygen will make a product go bad and plays a big role in the shelf life of a product, while light plays a big role in the degradation of quality of a product, that is why beer and wine bottles are dark.

In comparison with heat, light does has a big negative effect on vitamins and certain minerals, while heat only has a negative effect on vitamin C, and only when high temperatures are reached.

Next to the protection of the liquid, an aluminium or tin plated can are both 100% recyclable, where tin plated cans are magnetically conductive and therefore easier to separate from waste, but the separation of cans with deposit programs are also super high in comparison to glass.
Furthermore a can is much lighter than glass for instance and the shape of it is also more effective, so you can fill up a container up to 60% more, which is off course a big savings on your carbon footprint.

So yeah we are a big fan of can and join us in our can revolution!

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We would recommend to try out our Fountain of Youth coconut water, we know from experience that this natural juice can be very nice before, during and after the pregnancy. It contains a lot of nutrients that dehydrate your body and gives your body natural energy.

Depending on your own believes we have off course a lot of nice non alcoholic soft drinks and if you like a little bubble you should try definitely the Bio Mama’s also because the name is just perfect, or the BioZisch Lemonades.

We strongly discourage you to take any beverages that contains caffeine, like our COLA and BioZisch Mate and off course our beverages that contains alcohol.
The Herbal Moscow Fermented Ginger  is a choice that is up to you, it contains less than 0,5% alcohol from the fermentation, and if you feel comfortable with it, dan do, because ginger can help a bit against nausea.

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Off course you can, trying out everything is the fun part after all.

We are able to send out up to 18 bottles per box, which can vary from the smaller 33cl bottles up to the bigger 75cl bottles.

For the bigger 75cl bottles we also offer special boxes with pulp bottle separators that can carry 2, 3,6,9, 12 or even 18 bottles.

Just to make sure that special bottle will arrive in one piece for your enjoyment!

Our drinks in cans. like the Herbal Moscow Ginger Beer or the Fountain of Youth coconut water we are able to send out per 24 as well, off course with a fine discount, so if you having a party and want a great mixer for your cocktails or if you want to drink your favorite coconut water every day, this would be a great solution.



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